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Benefits of Hiring A Carson City DUI Attorney

Once you’ve retained a Carson DUI attorney, they will explain the severity of consequences that you will be faced with.  It is important to fully recognize and realize the seriousness of possible consequences associated with DUI, and always take all possible steps to avoid such a charge.

In Nevada, a blood alcohol level of .08 or more constitutes alcohol impairment beyond the legal limit.  However, a police officer could still arrest you for a lower blood alcohol concentration (BAC) if they suspect that your normal abilities are diminished while operating a motor vehicle.  Having a BAC under .08 will increase your chances of defeating a DUI conviction, but you may still be arrested and suffer the stresses that go along with fighting a DUI charge.

Police officers can pull drivers over for a number of traffic offenses, even minor ones.  They prefer to initiate immediate conversation to determine the potential impairment of the driver.  To evaluate the physical signs of intoxication, police will be looking for slurred speech, the ability to maintain eye contact, a smell of alcohol on a driver’s breath, or bloodshot eyes.

Your Behavior is Being Analyzed

This is true especially after leaving a bar or if it’s late in the evening.  Be polite.  Answer an officer’s questions respectfully.  This is not the time to make a legal argument.  While it is your right to not answer any questions without a lawyer present, not doing so will raise an officer’s suspicion of you.  It is wise to respond vaguely, and avoid getting into specifics.  Don’t talk about the amount of alcohol you consumed, or mention the fact that you just left a party, bar, or sporting event.

If the officer is suspicious, he/she will likely ask you to step out of your vehicle.  If asked, you must comply.  However, you can refuse to participate in any sobriety test conducted.  Even if you believe you will pass, it is in your best interest to respectfully refuse because the officer may then determine if you pass based exclusively on his/her own judgment.  YOU ALWAYS HAVE THE RIGHT TO CONTACT AN ATTORNEY PRIOR TO TAKING ANY SOBRIETY TEST.

If you are charged with a DUI, contact an attorney immediately.  Call Joey Gilbert and Associates -  Make an appointment for a consultation with attorney Joey Gilbert to go over your options at the present time.  Let us help you in your time need.  Joey Gilbert and Associates has over 30 years of criminal defense experience and had handled hundreds of DUI cases.   Let us fight for your rights today.

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